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  • San Diego Credit Card Processing
    Have you ever seen the 2000 movie "Boiler Room"? There is a scene I will never forget (HERE) in which Chris (played by Vin Diesel) closes a sale without ever Read more
  • Accept Credit Cards in Your Business
    If you aren't accepting credit cards in your business, you are simply throwing money away. Over 70 percent of all purchases are made using a credit card. On top of Read more
  • It's Time to Save Money
    As the owner of a business, you have a thousand hats to wear and a million things to think about. Obviously, finances should be at the top of these priorities Read more
  • Rates are only one factor, FEES are the other...
    The most frequent question I receive is "what are your rates?" When shopping for a merchant account, make sure you look at more than just the rates! Rates are Read more
  • Why is Interchange Plus pricing better than Tiered pricing?
    Product packaging can be more deceptive in the merchant service world than in the supermarket. A tiered pricing program will often have a very low qualified debit card rate, qualified Read more
  • Why Choose MSofSD?
    No up-front fees!No application fees, no programing fees, no customer support fees. In fact, we'll reprogram your existing credit card processing terminal for free if you are already accepting credit Read more
  • Are you PCI Compliant?
    Not sure what PCI compliant means? Don't feel bad. Many merchants just like yourself are unfamiliar with the term and even less familiar with the requirements set forth within the Read more