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  • Why is Interchange Plus pricing better than Tiered pricing?
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Why is Interchange Plus pricing better than Tiered pricing?

Product packaging can be more deceptive in the merchant service world than in the supermarket. A tiered pricing program will often have a very low qualified debit card rate, qualified credit card rate or monthly fee while there are surcharges on "other" card types that often cause the total rate to be well over 3%. Since the card associations came out with separate Interchange categories for rewards cards only about 60% of transactions are what would be considered Qualified. A tiered program may give you a lower rate on some transactions only to overcharge on a sizable number of transactions. On an Interchange plus pricing program you will know that you are never being overcharged because you are on a standard mark up above Interchange cost.

San Diego Merchant Services will guarantee not only the lowest cost merchant program available but the best quality of service. If at any point you have concerns about the quality of service or pricing we want to know about it so we may take the steps to keep you as a satisfied client for as long as you are in business.