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Accept Credit Cards in Your Business

If you aren't accepting credit cards in your business, you are simply throwing money away. Over 70 percent of all purchases are made using a credit card. On top of that, the average credit card sale is about 3 times that of a cash sale. Why? Credit cards allow people to buy when they WANT to, unlike cash customers who only buy when they CAN. Simple psychology shows that people are more willing to spend their money when they aren't actually handling cash. It's the reason casinos issue chips to gamble with. Sure, you will have to pay a small percentage (about 2%) of each sale by accepting credit and debit cards, but that will be far outweighed by the profit you'll take in. With all the competition out there, you simply can't afford to let customers slip away any longer. Contact us today to find out how Merchant Services of San Diego can help your business accept credit cards. The application is easy and free so you have absolutely nothing to lose.