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Have you ever seen the 2000 movie "Boiler Room"? There is a scene I will never forget (HERE) in which Chris (played by Vin Diesel) closes a sale without ever mentioning a single fact about the product. Now, at first you may think this is an exaggerated scenario and Hollywood fabricating a story. The truth, however, is that these sales tactics are used everyday. The really unfortunate truth is that the credit card processing industry sees more than it's fair share of these sales tactics too. If you accept credit cards in your business, then at some point, you met with a sales person. The million dollar question is this: Do you know what rates and fees you are paying? If not, then to some degree, you didn't BUY your merchant account, you were SOLD a merchant account. Don't feel bad, people are sold things everyday. The good news is this: we are here to help. When I say help, I don't mean sell you a new service. No. It is our belief that an educated customer will make the best decision for their business and Merchant Services of San Diego takes great pride in educating business owners on the credit card processing industry. Let us take a look at your most recent credit card statement and teach you how to understand it. Let us show you which fees are mandatory and which are negotiable. Let us sit down with you face to face and make you feel comfortable with your account. There is no obligation for speaking with us, so please ask how we can help your business. We look forward to hearing from you soon.