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What Do You Need In a Merchant Account???

So what's really important to you, the merchant, when accepting credit card payments?

   1. It needs to work, period!
   2. God forbid something does go wrong, it needs to get fixed, fast!
   3. A "fair" price!

It needs to work!

There's no question that cost is not important if your processing system is not working. A processing system needs to work fast, be completely seamless, and should not have problems, ever…

Ideally a business would not even know they have a merchant account would it not be for that monthly statement.

An invisible merchant account is a good merchant account!

If something does go wrong, it needs to get fixed, fast!

When a second of downtime can cost thousands of dollars in missed revenue, any problems in a credit card processing system needs to be fixed without delay. While service availability and processing connectivity issues should not be a problem, nothing is 100% guaranteed.

Businesses need to know that someone is always there to fix any unforeseen issues, immediately.

I am getting a "fair" price!

It's not important to get the lowest price on earth, but if someone else costs 25% less, there's a problem. A quality service costs money, but is also competitively priced. Cost should be low enough that a business owner doesn't immediately consider switching when someone comes along with something a little lower. The quality of service should make up for any minor differences in price.

Conclusion - the perfect merchant account - The perfect merchant account is competitively priced and stays that way. Regardless of the processing method, it does not have problems with connectivity or in getting a business the money that they process. There must be someone on the other end of a phone, ready to correct any problem that should happen to arise, and problems should be rare. Does your merchant account work this way?