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Should You Ever Lease a Terminal???

How can I say this eloquently?... HECK NO!!!

Terminal leases are the biggest scam in our industry, and one that leaves the shady sales person VERY happy. Under no circumstances will the merchant ever benefit from leasing a terminal. My favorite line I've heard these uses-car-salesman pitch is that "you want to lease it because you can write it off on your taxes!!!" Hmmm, let me ask you a question: Would you rather spend $200 to buy a terminal OR spend $3,000 on that same terminal over the course of 3-4 years on a lease??? Even if the government is reimbursing you 90%, you're still at a loss. Don't fall victim to this lie. Also, don't fall victim to the common sales line "I can only give you these great rates if you lease a terminal." THAT, like a lot of other lines, is completely UNTRUE!!! The leasing companies are completely separate from the merchant companies, and your merchant account rates are set by the processor, NOT the leasing company. There is no simpler way to say it than this... If someone is trying to sell you a lease, he is dishonest and greedy and you need to run (not walk) to another processing company! When you get to that other company, spend $200 to buy a terminal and you will be very happy in the long run!