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Global Payments Data Breach

It was a top news story today that "A major card processor" had it's security breached by hackers. First and foremost, I want to assure everyone who works with Merchant Services of San Diego that this, in no way, is in relation to any of our baking partners! We work with a few different processing banks including Elavon and Merrick Bank, but the company compromised was Global Payments (based in Atlanta, GA). It is unknown just how many card holders' information was compromised at this time, but rest assured that law enforcement, including the Secret Service are investigating the matter and it should be resolved shortly. This is the first incident like this that I've seen in my 5 years in the industry and I'm truly surprised hackers had the know-how to crack one of the most secure set of codes in the world. Moving forward, hopefully this will help Global Payments (and every other processor, for that matter) build stronger infrastructure to prevent this kind of event from happening again in the future!